As the Best Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad, Kamineni Hospital boasts state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities and cutting-edge equipment for the detection and monitoring of a diverse array of diseases. Our seasoned physicians in diagnostic services are committed to ensuring the provision of the best possible treatment. Collaborating closely with other medical specialists and patients, we uphold our reputation as the Best Pathology Lab in Hyderabad, delivering comprehensive and precise diagnostic solutions.
To prescribe the most appropriate treatment for a disease or disorder, your doctor may recommend diagnostic tests to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying issue. These tests assist in the detection, identification, and monitoring of diseases, enabling medical specialists to devise the most effective treatment plan. Kamineni Hospital, recognized as the

Best Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad

, is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities and cutting-edge equipment, facilitating high-quality patient care.
Conducted by expert medical specialists proficient in handling and operating advanced equipment, diagnostic tests aid in the thorough examination and identification of specific strengths and weaknesses in an individual’s body. The results obtained contribute to the determination of a particular condition or illness. This valuable diagnostic information benefits every medical speciality, including pathology, cardiology, and oncology.
Our diagnostic facilities comprise a dedicated team, including physicians, technicians, nurses, technologists, administrators, and analysts. These services play a pivotal role across various healthcare domains, including ambulatory care, acute care, mental health, geriatric, and rehabilitative care. As one of the leading multidisciplinary hospitals in Hyderabad, Kamineni Hospital takes pride in delivering diverse and comprehensive diagnostic services.
Types of General Physicians:
Diagnostic services encompass a range of tests providing medical specialists with vital information to deliver high-quality treatment through collaborative efforts with other medical professionals. These services encompass offerings such as physical exams and diagnostic testing. The diagnostic testing process unfolds in multiple stages, involving information gathering, interpretation, and the determination of the most suitable treatment.
Physical Exam
At Kamineni Hospitals, our medical specialists, recognized as the Best Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad and the Best Pathology Lab in Hyderabad, possess expertise in conducting thorough physical exams. These professionals collaborate closely with patients to comprehend their baseline behaviours, identifying stress and tension in various body regions. Once the necessary information is gathered, clinicians assess differences in posture, breathing, demeanour, and other pertinent physical attributes. This comprehensive evaluation aids in determining the most appropriate treatment and additional procedures for a patient’s recovery. Physical exams are tailored based on the specific illness or disorder, ensuring that clinicians deliver effective treatment in coordination with other medical professionals.


Medical specialists at Kamineni Hospital utilize cutting-edge medical equipment to efficiently perform a range of diagnostic testing procedures. These procedures encompass laboratory medicine, anatomic pathology, and medical imaging.
Laboratory Medicine
Renowned as the Best Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad and the

Best Pathology Lab in Hyderabad

, Kamineni Hospital places a significant emphasis on Laboratory Medicine. This integral component plays a pivotal role in the effective diagnosis, analysis, and interpretation of various diseases. Laboratory Medicine aids in measuring essential parameters such as cholesterol levels and the DNA of tumours, providing crucial insights into a patient’s health. Our medical specialists conduct a diverse array of lab tests, ensuring the reliability of treatments. Additionally, they analyze samples of patients’ urine, saliva, sweat, hair, etc., contributing to comprehensive and accurate diagnostic assessments for optimal patient care.
Anatomic Pathology
Anatomic Pathology focuses on conducting tests and procedures on organs and tissues to uncover the causes and effects of diseases. To achieve effective disease diagnosis, medical specialists employ various tests, including microscopic, macroscopic, biochemical, and other diagnostic examinations.
Medical Imaging
The process of Medical Imaging involves reconstructing the interior of a patient’s body using advanced medical equipment. This technique aids professionals in delivering targeted treatments to specific areas affected by diseases or illnesses. Additionally, Medical Imaging is employed to monitor the progression of illness and disease during surgical procedures or treatment. The results obtained from Medical Imaging guide medical professionals in adjusting protocols to enhance patient care. Kamineni Hospitals’ well-equipped Medical Imaging department features state-of-the-art facilities and diagnostic tools. Our medical professionals utilize common imaging techniques to ensure the delivery of high-quality treatment to patients.
Biopsy tests stand as crucial procedures in diagnostic services, playing a pivotal role in complementing other imaging tests like CT scans or MRI scans. These tests are essential as imaging alone may not determine whether cells are cancerous or not. Biopsy provides accurate data to identify cancerous cells. Medical specialists employ biopsy procedures to extract or cut a piece of tissue or a sample of cells from the patient’s body. These samples are then examined and tested in the respective laboratory. Biopsy tests are frequently performed to conclusively determine the presence of cancer or another medical condition. Recognized as the Best Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad and the Best Pathology Lab in Hyderabad, Kamineni Hospitals ensures the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic services.
There are several types of biopsies based on the type of equipment or technique used for extracting cells from the patient’s body. Biopsy results help your healthcare provider to determine the type of cancer and where the cancer originated. Some of the common biopsy techniques are:
  • Needle Biopsy
  • Endoscopic Biopsy
  • Skin Biopsy
  • Bone Marrow Biopsy
  • Surgical Biopsy
  • Colonoscopy
Colonoscopy procedures help your medical specialist determine or explore the causes of rectal bleeding, frequent abdominal pain, chronic diarrhoea, and more. Also, medical specialists use this procedure to look for colon cancer, or polyps or to treat an issue.
During this procedure, a long, flexible tube with a camera attached at the tip is inserted into the rectum. This device is known as a Colonoscope, hence the name. The small camera at the tip allows the doctor to view the inside of your large intestine (colon). Based on the patient’s condition the doctor may even remove abnormal tissues or polyps from the patient’s body, if necessary.
CT Scan
A Computed Tomography (CT) scan, a widely employed diagnostic imaging procedure, is conducted by medical specialists to obtain a detailed view of a patient’s internal organs or structures. This procedure aids in the diagnosis of tumours and the investigation of internal bleeding or injuries. Utilizing a combination of X-rays and computer technology, CT scans generate accurate internal images, offering detailed insights into bones, muscles, fat, organs, and blood vessels. Kamineni Hospitals, recognized as the Best Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad and the Best Pathology Lab in Hyderabad, are equipped with advanced CT scan technology for unparalleled diagnostic services.
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
An Electrocardiogram is a simple and painless procedure used to assess the heart’s functioning. It measures the electrical activity of the patient’s heart by attaching electrodes to the chest area. The machine records readings generated from these electrodes, which are then interpreted by a trained medical professional. Kamineni Hospitals feature modern advancements in ECG tests, ensuring high-quality patient care and treatment.
Electroencephalogram (EEG)
Conducted by skilled medical specialists, an Electroencephalogram measures the electrical activity of the brain to diagnose or monitor conditions affecting the brain, such as epilepsy, sleep disorders, brain disorders, head injuries, and strokes. Kamineni Hospitals’ experienced team interprets EEG results to provide precise care for patients.
Also known as upper endoscopy, Gastroscopy involves using a thin, flexible tube to examine and diagnose the upper digestive tract. This procedure helps detect issues like inflammation, nausea, and swallowing difficulties and may involve the removal of foreign bodies or polyps, as well as biopsies.
Eye Tests
Kamineni Hospitals’ Ophthalmologists deliver top-notch eye care, emphasizing the importance of regular eye checkups for maintaining vision and eye health. Optometrists conduct thorough eye tests to detect potential issues before they manifest.
Hearing Tests
Audiologists conduct hearing tests, including Pure Tone Audiometry, Air Conduction, Bone Conduction, and Tympanometry, to evaluate hearing abilities. Based on the results, necessary treatments may be recommended to restore hearing. Regular hearing checkups are crucial for maintaining auditory health.
PET Scan
Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scan), utilizing radioactive tracers, aids in diagnosing a wide range of diseases, including tumours, heart diseases, and brain disorders. Kamineni Hospital, esteemed as one of the best multidisciplinary hospitals in Hyderabad, boasts seasoned medical specialists and state-of-the-art facilities for effective diagnostic services.

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