Patient Talks

Journey to Recovery: My CABG Experience

Life After a Successful Liver Transplant: Inspiring Stories

Incredible Recovery: Successful Heart Surgery & Valve Block Treatments

Patient Success Story: Aortic Valve Replacement Journey & Recovery

Life After CABG x2 Grafts: A Story of Triumph

Breaking Down CABG x3 Grafts: A Success Story

Successful bypass surgery and treatment of three valve block

Cervical Discectomy Surgery for Cervical Card Compression

Heart and Hope together | Heart challenges Simultaneously 

Pulmonology Success Stories – Hemoptysis (Coughing Up Blood)

Successful Heart Valve Replacement with open-heart surgery

Triumph in Minimally Invasive Coronary Bypass Surgery

Successful MICS-CABG X 3 Grafts Surgery

Valve Replacement Surgery | Listen to the Patient Speak about Her Recovery

The Power of Cardiac Rehab after Cardiac Surgery | Patient Success Story | Kamineni Hospitals

#LiveFromTheHeart – World Heart Day | Kamineni Hospitals

Urology Procedure – Patient Story | Kamineni Hospitals

Spine Surgery Patient Testimonial | Mr. Ratan Raj | Dr. M. Ravi Kumar, Kamineni Hospital, King Koti

Patient Testimonial | Rare Bypass Heart Surgery | Mr.Bhaskar | Dr. Vishal Khante

The Heart Beats Again – Cardiology Excellence

A hole in the heart -We fixed it with love

Artery Blockage By-pass Surgery | Patient Story | Dr Vishal Khante

Osteoarthritis Knee joint – Orthopaedics – Patient Testimonial

Ankylosing Spondylitis – Orthopaedics – Patient Testimonial

Arteriovenous Malformation – A Story of Success and Survival

Viral Pneumonia with severe ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome)

Lesion Removal | Paediatric Care | Kamineni Hospitals LB Nagar

Intracranial Bleeding in Covid 19 Patients – Neurology

Kidney Transplant Success Story

A Rare Tuberculosis Case – A Life-changing Story

Story behind the scars of successful heart surgery

Heart to Heart Cardiac Care – Cardiologists in Hyderabad

Patient Testimonial | Mrs K. Venkatamma | Mitral Valve Replacement | Dr. Vishal Khante

Patient Testimonial | Charan | Mitral Valve Replacement

Patient Testimonial | Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair | Dr. Vishal Khante

The Heart Beats Again – Cardiology Excellence


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