With admission staff and counsellors to guide you through the financials and the admission process, Kamineni Hospitals accepts insurance and managed care plans in conjunction with insurance companies and TPAs. From pre-treatment estimates to a quick and hassle-free billing process, you can rest assured with Kamineni.


Before your appointment
Before your visit to the hospital, running through this checklist can help you prepare for your appointment with the doctor.
During your appointment
Be sure that you make the best of your meeting with the doctor. Ask him all the questions that you need to answered and let him know about all the concerns related to your medical problem.
After your appointment
Soon after your appointment, if you have any doubts about your consultation then we will make sure that you see another doctor for a second opinion and will give appointments at the best possible time.
If you need to be hospitalized, then our Admission Department will make all the arrangements and a counselor will guide you through your next steps prior to being hospitalised.


We want to encourage our patients to be fully informed about their health conditions. Below are some questions that can help you address everything that you need to know.
Regarding your symptoms and treatments:
If you need surgery:


We will help you get the same-day appointment based on the urgency of your condition. If you call +91 949 106 1983 before noon, we provide you with an appointment on the same day. If you call after noon, we will ensure your appointment for the next day, or schedule an appointment the same evening depending upon the availability of the doctor at the clinic.
What happens when I call for the same-day appointment?
When you call +91 949 106 1983, we will first try to get you an appointment at your nearest Kamineni Centre or else look for the same-day appointment at any of our other branches.
Here’s what to expect:
Are there times when I won’t receive a same-day appointment?
The alignment of your appointment depends on the priority of the case. For instance, if the patient wants to see the doctor immediately for any emergency medical condition, then such a case will be attended on the same day. However, if one is looking for a routine health check-up then this could be a less urgent case and one can get an appointment the next day.
However, if your concern is more immediate and it involves the elderly or children, you can walk into Kamineni hospital.
Besides making an appointment, what should I do for immediate care?
Make use of our 24/7 Emergency Line: 040 – 3027 9999. When you call this number our Emergency Team will
If your need is seriously urgent, we suggest you walk into our hospital even without a call or an appointment and our emergency staff will assist you right away.

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