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Peter, 56, Teacher

I more than recovered from my hell of over 12 years. I am back to the job I love with fresh zeal to teach and mould children – I have never been happier.

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16 hours ago

Soap is the most effective means of killing the virus once you come into contact with it. To minimize the risk, practice safe hand hygiene and wash with soap frequently. For information on ... See more

1 day ago

Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth and explain the importance of this precaution to your loved ones. To minimise risk, practice safe hand hygiene and wash with soap frequently. For information on ... See more

2 days ago

Objects of frequent contact such as phones, remotes and keyboards are usually highly contaminated. Sanitise such surfaces thoroughly at least once a day. For information on precautions to be taken or ... See more

3 days ago

Your food products and the packaging like milk pouches, fruit and vegetable covers may have been handled by various persons. To ensure there is no risk of infection, wash and thoroughly rinse them ... See more

4 days ago

Soap, hand sanitisers and disinfectants can kill the virus present on the surfaces touched by an infected person or on your body. They can not kill the virus inside you, if you are already ... See more

5 days ago
Welcome to Kamineni Hospitals. Where incredible things happen.

We are a designated isolation unit and provide assistance to those infected by COVID-19. For your safety, we recommend that you STAY AT HOME and visit the hospital only if necessary. ... See more

6 days ago

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads primarily through person to person contact or when you touch surfaces that have been touched by an infected person. The best and only effective method to safeguard ... See more

1 week ago

All treatment at this point is experimental. There is no clinically-tested drug to fight Coronavirus (COVID-19). Follow safety protections and protect yourself and your loved ones.
Step out of the ... See more

1 week ago

While the elderly are at greatest risk, due to a weaker immune system, there is no cause for panic. Calmly explain to the severity of the situation and the steps to be taken. Ensure they get some ... See more

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