Occupation: Sr. Consultant Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy and Sports Specialist Surgeon

Qualifications: MS Ortho (Osmania)

About: Dr. Paparao is a Senior Consulting Orthopaedic at Kamineni Hospital Vijayawada, with 15+ years of experience. Additionally, he is a Fellow in Sports Medicine; Arthoscopy and Joint Replacement from Germany. He holds Fellowship in Pelvis & Acetabulum reconstruction, Knee Arthroscopy, Shoulder Arthroscopy & shoulder joint replacement. His interests lie in Knee and Shoulder Ligament Injury Management, and Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Surgery.

Years Of Experience: 15+ years

Expertise: "Clinical Skills And Procedures Performed Knee:- Joint Replacement Single And Bi-Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction ACL And PCL Repair And Reconstruction Meniscus Repair And Excision Cartilage Surgery Microfracture Mosaic Clinical skills and procedures performed knee:- Joint replacement Single and bi-cruciate ligament reconstruction ACL and PCL repair and reconstruction Meniscus repair and excision Cartilage surgery microfracture mosaic plasty , BMAC Patello femoral instability correction, MPFL reconstruction Corrective osteotomy upper and tibia and lower end femur Arthroscopy assisted and open intra-articular fracture fixation Shoulder:- Sub-acromial decompression, labral bankart and SLAP repair ,cuff repair, coraco clavicular ligament repair and reconstruction, modified latarjet procedure, scapula, clavicle proximal humerus fracture fixation. joint replacement Hip:- Fracture fixation , joint replacement arthroscopy for diagnostic purpose Ankle:- Diagnostic arthroscopy

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