From scheduled advance appointments to same-day appointments and procedures, from 24/7 emergency helpline to a staff always at your disposal, Kamineni Hospitals has always been there for the outpatients. So be it a follow-up appointment or a walk-in for emergency care, you can always count on Kamineni.

Appointment Checklist

Before your appointment

Before your visit to the hospital, running through this checklist can help you prepare for your appointment with the doctor.

  • Collect documents such as copies of all tests, x-rays and medical history file (if available)
  • Have knowledge of all current medications being taken, including over-the-counter drugs and homeopathy or ayurvedic medicines
  • Keep track of all food habits or diet charts while on medication
  • Always get a family member or a friend with you to the hospital as your appointment may or may not involve tests and you might need someone to take you back home
  • Carry warm clothes with you as our surroundings are air-conditioned to keep the medical facility fresh and cool
During your appointment

Be sure that you make the best of your meeting with the doctor. Ask him all the questions that you need answered and let him know about all the concerns related to your medical problem.

After your appointment

Soon after you appointment, if you have any doubts with your consultation then we will make sure that you see another doctor for a second opinion and will give appointments in the best possible time
If you need to be hospitalized, then our Admission Department will make all the arrangements and a counselor will guide you through your next steps prior to being hospitalised

Ask Your Doctor

We want to encourage our patients to be fully informed about their health conditions. Below are some questions that can help you address everything that you need to know.

Regarding your symptoms and treatments:
  • What disease or condition are my symptoms showing?
  • Tell me details about my disease or condition?
  • Is my disease serious and will it affect my normal life?
  • What is the treatment path for this disease?
  • What caused the disease and is there more than one problem causing my symptoms?
  • Do I need to get tested for the symptoms?
  • What symptoms should I observe henceforth?
  • What are the tests and how will the tests be conducted and what results will I get out of them?
  • Are the tests accurate and will they be safe?
  • In how much time can I expect the results of my tests?
  • Are there further tests involved?
  • Do I need to come again and when?
  • Will this disease infect others and what are the precautions I can take to avoid that?
  • What are the treatment options and how much they will cost?
  • What is the duration of the treatment?
  • What are the side effects and risks of my treatment?
  • What will be my diet during the treatment?
If you need surgery:
  • Why is the surgery recommended?
  • Please explain the surgical procedure in detail.
  • Is this the an open or minimal access surgery?
  • Can I avoid the surgery and take treatment?
  • How much will I have to spend on the surgery?
  • What are the benefits and risks of having surgery?
  • Will I be on local or general anesthesia for surgery?
  • When will I get discharged from the hospital and what will the recovery time be?
  • Do you have the relevant qualification and experience for performing this surgery?

Same-day Appointment & Procedure

We will help you get a same day appointment based on the urgency of your condition. If you call +91 949 106 1983 before noon, we provide you with an appointment on the same day. If you call after noon, we will ensure your appointment for the next day, or schedule an appointment the same evening depending upon the availability of the doctor at the clinic.

What happens when I call for a same-day appointment?

When you call +91 949 106 1983, we will first try to get you an appointment at your nearest Kamineni Centre or else look for a same day appointment at any of our other branches.
Here’s what to expect:

  • We will ask you for your basic information such as address, phone number and your insurance provider
  • Then, we will ask you questions about your symptoms to help find the appropriate doctor to treat you. In most cases, we’ll schedule your appointment based on this information
  • In the case of complex or emergency conditions, your call will be attended by an emergency doctor or medical representative. This step will give us adequate history of medical records and other information necessary to start the best suited treatment for you
Are there times when I won’t receive a same-day appointment?

The alignment of your appointment depends on the priority of the case. For instance, if the patient wants to see the doctor immediately for any emergency medical condition, then such a case will be attended on the same day. However, if one is looking for a routine health check-up then this could be a less urgent case and can get an appointment the next day.
However, if your concern is more immediate and it involves elderly or children, you can walk-in to your Kamineni hospital.

Besides making an appointment, what should I do for immediate care?

Make use of our 24/7 Emergency Line : 040 – 3027 9999. When you call this number our Emergency Team will,

  • Evaluate your condition
  • Give you medical information to help you immediately
  • Connect you to the Emergency Doctor
  • Send an Ambulance if required and make necessary arrangements before your arrival

If your need is seriously urgent, we suggest you walk-in to our hospital even without a call or an appointment and our emergency staff will assist you right away.