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Lb Nagar - Hyderabad - Critical Care and Emergency Medicine

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Dr. Biswarup Pal

M.B.B.S , M.D (Anaesthesiology), P.D.C.C in Cardiac Anaesthesia & Critical Care - Senior Consultant and In Charge , Anaesthesia and Liver ICU

Dr. Biswarup Pal is an Anaesthetist and Intensivist with more than 2 decades (26yrs completed in Feb'19 since... ...Read More

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Dr. Sardar Shaik


Dr. Sardar has over three decades of experience in Critical Care. He is a veteran in the field... ...Read More

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Dr Vivek Sampath

Consultant - MBBS, MEM - Critical Care and Emergency Medicine

Dr. Vivek Sampath is the One of the best Emergency Physician in Hyderabad with more than 7 years... ...Read More

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