With the most-renowned surgeons in the region, who perform the most complicated open and minimally invasive surgeries, the general surgery and laparoscopic department of the hospital boasts of the best surgical outcomes in the state.

What is General Surgery?

General surgery is a surgical speciality discipline that requires knowledge of and responsibility for the preoperative, operative, and postoperative management of patients with a broad spectrum of diseases, including those which may require nonoperative, elective, or emergency surgical treatment.

Surgery requires knowledge of anatomy, emergency and intensive care, immunology, metabolism, nutrition, pathology, physiology, shock and resuscitation, and wound healing.

  • Some of the common surgical procedures carried out by General Surgeons are:
  • Alimentary Tract (esophagus and related organs)
  • Abdomen and its Contents
  • Breast, Skin and Soft Tissue
  • Endocrine System
  • Head and neck surgery
  • Pediatric surgery
  • Transplants and vascular surgery

In addition, general surgery also deals with

  • Surgical Critical Care
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Trauma and Burns

What is the role of a General Surgeon?

General surgeons employ a wide range of knowledge and skills to perform surgery, often in emergency situations. These surgical procedures are carried out to remove disease, repair injuries, and promote health and healing. They also perform diagnostic tests and provide guidance on the need for surgery. These doctors might be called on to perform surgery on almost any part of the body.

The surgeon takes a medical history and performs a detailed physical examination of the patient, then makes a diagnosis based on the information obtained. A treatment plan specific to the patient is then developed to incorporate the findings.

Our team has some of the most-renowned surgeons in the region. The department performs open and minimally invasive surgeries. The general surgery and laparoscopic department of the hospital boasts of the best surgical outcomes in the state.

Laparoscopic (or “keyhole”) surgery is a developing field of General Surgery. At Kamineni it is an integral and crucial surgical practice. Operations are being carried out increasingly by minimally invasive techniques that offer patients less pain, better outcomes and shorter postoperative recovery.

Laparoscopic Surgery

We are privileged to have consultants skilled at laparoscopic surgery from renowned international institutes & extensive teaching experience from reputed government institutions. Our surgeons are committed to provide ethical and evidence-based surgical options to patients.

The advantages of Laparoscopic Surgery over Open Surgery are:
  • Less Pain
  • Early Recovery
  • Less Scarring
The specializations offered by the department of General Surgery include:
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  • Open And Laparoscopic Assisted Hernia Repair
  • Open And Laparoscopic Assisted Surgery Of Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Laparoscopic Fundoplication
  • Laparoscopic Diagnostic Biopsy And Adhesiolysis
  • Bariatric Surgeries
  • Laparoscopic Management Of Abdominal Trauma & Thoracic Trauma


Consultant General Surgeon

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